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Amniotics AB

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Amniotics AB

Chief Operations Officer -Amniotics:

"Great thanks to the team at Mantell Associates who made a great effort in quickly finding the right candidates for open positions at Amniotics. Several interesting candidates were interviewed and we ended up hiring one of them."

Amniotics was born out of the discovery of novel stem cells in full term amniotic fluid. Research on these cells has demonstrated a number of unique properties in them, highlighting their extraordinary suitability for medical applications. These properties, in combination with safe collection, ethical agreeability, tissues and high cell counts harbour the promise of the exciting journey they have started pushing medical boundaries.

The science and research behind the discoveries on which the company is based has been carried out within the realms of the reputable Lund University in southern Sweden, one of its prime research centers BMC (Bio Medical Center) Research Center, and the university hospital in Lund. Therefore, Amniotics considers itself today to be uniquely positioned to translate stem cell technologies into novel and improved human therapeutics.

Their ultimate vision is to contribute to the successful treatment of serious human diseases by providing the very best cells for various regenerative medical applications. The fact that our cells are of neonatal source (and safely retrieved from the amniotic fluid from C-sections), means that they have greater genome integrity. And also other positive attributes of the neonatal source of our cells makes them superior to traditional sources of stem cells that are currently in therapeutic use.

As part of Amniotics' commitment to providing the best cell therapeutics they are developing these for treatments with high unmet needs in collaboration with international renowned KOLs and partners. In a nutshell, they have designed and built a complete ecosystem for managing these cells in a safe, secure and controlled manner, which we are now expanding and scaling up. Their journey continues. They will push the boundaries of science within regenerative medicine to save and improve the lives of many.

To find out more about Amniotics AB contact Alessandro Mantell, CEO, on +44 (0)20 3778 0990 or