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Our Values

Our Core Values

Here at Mantell Associates, our mission and core values define the way in which we work.
These values include positivity and self belief, hard work, passion, excellence and being a team-player.

  • Positivity & Self Belief

    Mantell Associates as a business preach positivity and self-belief at all times. Our thesis is simple; “we can, and we will”. The old adage of having a ‘glass half full’ mindset is an absolute cornerstone within our business and day-to-day life. We live on the 1% of hope and we always look for reasons for why something good will happen, rather than finding reasons for why it will not. The most successful people in the world did not get to where they are by making excuses or doubting themselves – they back their actions and beliefs at all times, even when others around them talk their chances down. Solutions, not problems!

  • Hard Work

    Nothing beats high input, and there’s another saying at Mantell Associates – hard work, works. A fundamental trait in everybody here is that unteachable work ethic and a willingness to put in time and effort. This is NOT a 9 – 5 job and can be incredibly demanding at times – people outside the industry don’t realise how much work goes on behind the scenes in the headhunting space. An organisation like Mantell Associates who operate all around the globe and have to account for up to 9-hour time differences requires dedication from all employees and committed people putting the hours in. Like anything in life, the more you put in, the more you get out.

  • Passion

    Hand-in-hand with hard work at Mantell Associates, comes passion. Passion is defined in the dictionary as “an intense desire or enthusiasm for something” and this description is exactly what resonates with all of us here. Hard work is a lot less enjoyable without passion for the process and the results, and that same enthusiasm we display on a daily basis is what makes all the hard work worth it – love for the job and the industry. In a time where vaccine manufacturers have needed top professionals in the shortest space of time, we have worked tirelessly round the clock to make it happen – and thoroughly enjoyed doing it! At Mantell Associates, we live and breathe our job at all times; without this passion, where is the sense of purpose and enjoyment?

  • Excellence

    Having high standards is what will take us far in life; a constant desire to be the best at what we do and consistently raise the bar higher each time. At Mantell Associates, we do not want average, we want excellence. Excellence is achieved through a combination of the three previous values; self-belief, hard work and passion. On top of this, the ability to hold ourselves accountable and aim as high as possible in everything that we do means a recipe for success. Excellence means setting ambitious goals on a daily basis and going after them. Mantell Associates’ aim is to become the #1 specialist headhunting organisation across the Life Science & Pharmaceutical space with 500+ employees and offices around the globe – and the only way we will get there is continually striving for excellence.

  • Being a Team-Player

    For sales professionals, there is a natural hunger for personal success, and at Mantell Associates this will never come at the expense of being a team player. Being a team player means putting others around you first and seeing the bigger picture. To us, the success of our peers and growing together is paramount and what makes Mantell Associates a happy environment. Always encouraging, always backing each other and always looking out for the people around us makes for a happy family which isThe MA Family.  “If a team is to reach its potential, each player must be willing to subordinate their personal goals for the good of the team”.