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  • Clinical & Data
  • CDMO & CMO
    Cell & Gene Therapy

    ​Welcome to team Cell & Gene Therapy, led by Business Manager Carl Gbolade.

  • CDMO & CMO
    Large Molecule

    Welcome to team Large Molecule, a team dedicated to servicing organisations within the Biotechnology space. This team’s area covers therapeutics which are produced using a living cell. In 2020, the global Biotechnology market valued at USD 752.88 billion and is forecasted to reach an astonishing USD 2.44 trillion by 2028. Large Molecule is the largest team at Mantell Associates and an enormously busy division led by Ollie Masson. He works closely with Onur Dilek, Fernand Desjarlais, and Michael Selwood. Until 2022, this team focused exclusively on CDMO’s within the Large Molecule space although has since grown and moved outside of this, now working with Innovator companies who produce their own assets.The Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences landscape has traditionally been dominated by Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and OTC medicines, although the discovery of biological treatments grown inside living cells has been one of the greatest technical advancements in human history. As a result of this, the Large Molecule arena is now growing faster than its Small Molecule counterpart, although still has a very long way to go before it takes the lead in terms of total market value.The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of the industry, with many of our clients taking on large contracts to develop and manufacture lifesaving vaccines from pharmaceutical giants such as AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. Other clients we work with also produce their own vaccines and biological treatments. The USA accounts for by far the largest portion of Large Molecule’s clientele, although there is still a significant presence in Europe and more recently, Asia, who are seeing exciting growth too.Currently, the production of COVID-19 vaccines, mRNA therapeutics and Cell & Gene Therapy are spearheading the growth in the industry and accounted for a large base of Mantell Associates' work in 2021. Through this, we are now proudly working with the most exciting names in the Large Molecule CDMO space in both Europe & the US. Our clients are not just manufacturing bulk drug products for their partners but now taking on contracts earlier on in the development process, putting themselves at the heart of the innovation and refining the way things are done at scale.As far as appointments go, the Large Molecule team leaves no stone unturned and covers everything; including Commercial, Manufacturing, Operations, Project Management, Quality, Regulatory Affairs, IT or even Finance. These range from mid-level all the way through to C-Suite, including Board Appointments. We have enjoyed a very successful 2022 so far with many successful appointments across all these areas.For any prospective clients working with the Large Molecule team at Mantell Associates, we do not take a ‘one size fits all approach’ and you can expect a bespoke, tailored service based on your business requirements. To do this, we leverage our impressive technical expertise, second-to-none network and deep industry knowledge. Our approach is not just that of a vacancy filler, but where we build meaningful relationships with the people and organisations within our respective field. Together, we will achieve long term, sustainable growth with our clients which then broadens access to complex medicines!

  • Life Sciences
    CRO & Clinical Operations

    The Life Sciences and CRO space has a combined value of approximately $100bn with growth and investment that continue to stay on the rise. Our CRO & Clinical Operations division is naturally very busy at Mantell Associates and is led by Jack Dean and George Hebden Lee. The rest of the team collectively focus on supporting candidates as well as clients across the different functions within CRO ranging from Preclinical through to Phase I-IV Clinical Trials & Commercial Development. CRO companies catering to the Pharma and Biotech’s of the world continue to grow at an immense speed, with no signs of slowing down. Further advancements in technology give a better vision and hope to patients around the world. Traditionally, the life cycle of developing a drug has taken an average of 5-6 years. However, due to COVID-19 we have seen a huge cultural change in how people work and how scientists will carry out research going forward from this significant ‘turning point’.Companies like Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, huge players in the industry, were among the first key players to get a vaccine out in the world for COVID-19. We have also seen a huge effort and work from companies like AstraZeneca, Moderna, BioNTech and Regeneron who have experienced huge success with their vaccines.The CRO & Clinical Operations team at Mantell Associates continue to support their clients and offer a wide range of services such as ‘Partnership’, ‘Contingent’, ‘Executive Search’ and ‘Project Management’ across Clinical Operations, Regulatory, Scientific, Commercial and Business Development globally.Using a consultative approach, the CRO & Clinical Operations team have an in-depth conversation with every candidate they represent. This is to find out what drives them and exactly what they are looking for in their next career move, ensuring a high level of understanding and commitment from both sides.For any prospective clients working with the CRO & Clinical Operations team at Mantell Associates, you will be guaranteed a bespoke service which demonstrates a true understanding of what your business requires, along with a plan of action with agreed timelines to ensure a great service.​

  • Market Access, Commercial Strategy & HEOR
    Life Science Consulting
  • CDMO & CMO
    Small Molecule

    Welcome to team Small Molecule, the largest market in the CDMO space, a market valued above $150bn and forecasted to excel in the coming years. Our Small Molecule team within Mantell Associates is extremely busy team right now, and is led by Harry Jones. He works closely with James Haddon, Ewan Rennison, Conor O'Sullivan, Luke Heath, Thomas White & Megan Field and together, they focus on organisations who take on the contract development areas including API’s, Dosage Forms, Peptides, Oligonucleotides & Chemicals. The market currently leads across North America, South America, APAC & Europe.Oral Solids, Dosage Forms and API’s continue to dominate the market and will continue to do so for the next 10+ years. The reason being; cost effective, easy to manufacture, reliable and easy to take. We are now seeing the Chinese and Indian markets are booming within these specific areas.The Small Molecule team here at Mantell Associates is currently partnered with a variety of clients globally, ranging from “Top 5 CDMO’s” to exciting start-ups. We support each of our clients' individual needs through a wide range of services including ‘Partnership’, ‘Contingent’, ‘Executive Search’ and ‘Project Management’ across all business areas. The positions our team work on range from mid-level all the way through to C-Suite, as well as Board Appointments. At present we are seeing a huge demand for talent in the CDMO space and we have never witnessed a more competitive landscape for talent - the right headhunting partner is imperative for the success of any organisation right now. We have depth of knowledge in knowing which companies to target, across commercial, manufacturing, operations, finance, and Regulatory affairs, and also the best way in which to attract the talent we believe our clients need to build a world-class team.As a team we have been extremely successful this year and are looking to bring our expertise to even more companies. Here at Mantell Associates we offer a bespoke service tailored to your organisations specific needs, and we pride ourselves on connecting the most attractive organisations in the industry with the highest performing professionals, along with constant networking and building long term relationships across the globe.​

  • Medical Devices
    Medical Devices

    The Medical Devices market is valued above $400bn and forecasted to reach $612bn in size in the next five years. Medical Devices is an extremely busy division within Mantell Associates right now - we focus on assisting organisations with new Commercial team builds, C-Suite appointments and more. The team specialise within Commercial (C-Suite, Corporate Level, Sales, Business Development, Marketing and Product Management), Regulatory Affairs, Engineering, IT/Software and Finance with capabilities across Europe, United States and APAC.Our team works across various divisions within the Medical Devices space, including: Biopharma, Biosciences, Microscopy/Fluorescent Imaging, Surgical Implants, Diagnostics, Medication Delivery and Corporate M&A.Over the past year, some areas within the Medical Device industry have inevitably been directly impacted by COVID-19. The huge increase in demand for critical pieces of equipment such as PPE (personal protective equipment), ventilators and testing kits - along with the subsequent shortages of these devices - has seen organisations doing everything they can to keep pace with the ever-growing needs of healthcare providers. Those within the industry have had to uproot many of their usual supply chains as other sectors grind to a halt, while lockdown protocols across the globe have changed how most companies function on a day-to-day basis. But, with attempts to tackle COVID-19 requiring the combined efforts of everyone in the wider healthcare community, several non-essential areas and device markets have had to take a step back.Moreover, we are now proudly working with the most exciting names in the Medical Devices space across Europe, the US, the Middle East and APAC, from small (start-up) organisations to the top 3 global Medical Devices companies in the world. For any prospective clients working with the team at Mantell Associates, you will get a bespoke service after truly understanding what the business requires and putting a plan of action in place with agreed timelines to ensure a great service.​​

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