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Kåre Engkilde, CEO of Amniotics AB - Mantell Associates Network Podcast

​Episode 17 of this series of the Mantell Associates Network welcomes Kåre Engkilde, CEO of Amniotics AB.

In this episode, Alessandro Mantell speaks with Kåre, who talks us through the challenges faced by the Amniotics as a relatively new company during COVID-19, and the adaptations the organisation made to thrive during this period. He also discusses the attributes needed to be a good leader, the future of the biopharmaceutical space, and offers advice for other business leaders.

Amniotics AB is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to providing unique stem cell therapeutics to patients in need.

Amniotics™ has developed a unique pipeline of cell therapeutics combining the desirable properties of neonatal source and tissue specificity. Their technology combines unique properties of neonatal cells with tissue-relevance, making it possible to treat corresponding tissues. You can also listen to this podcast on the following streams:

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