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RAG Report Podcast - Alessandro Mantell on Going into Lockdown after 1 year in Business

​Alessandro Mantell, CEO of Mantell Associates was a guest on The RAG Podcast, hosted by Sean Anderson.

Mantell Associates‘ CEO Alessandro Mantell was a guest on The RAG Report Podcast. In his podcast, Sean Anderson interviews the owners and leaders of recruitment agencies to discover the secrets to successful growth.

The 2020 coronavirus lockdown was introduced in the UK on the day that the Mantell Associates team was due to move into our brand new central London office.

It has been an incredibly busy time for both Alessandro and Mantell Associates as an organisation, and this unprecedented period has shown just how important implementing video technology is for both internal team morale, and external communications and relationships.

As a CEO and Founder of a start-up company, Alessandro is very open about the high pressured, sales driven environment in which he learnt his trade and the associated scepticism around ‘working from home’. Now that lockdown and the changing global situation has been forced upon everyone, Alessandro adapted and changed the way Mantell Associates operates.

Watch Alessandro’s full RAG Report podcast here

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