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Medical Devices

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The Medical Devices market is valued above $400bn and forecasted to reach $612bn in size in the next five years. Medical Devices is an extremely busy division within Mantell Associates right now - we focus on assisting organisations with new Commercial team builds, C-Suite appointments and more. The team specialise within Commercial (C-Suite, Corporate Level, Sales, Business Development, Marketing and Product Management), Regulatory Affairs, Engineering, IT/Software and Finance with capabilities across Europe, United States and APAC.

Our team works across various divisions within the Medical Devices space, including: Biopharma, Biosciences, Microscopy/Fluorescent Imaging, Surgical Implants, Diagnostics, Medication Delivery and Corporate M&A.

Over the past year, some areas within the Medical Device industry have inevitably been directly impacted by COVID-19. The huge increase in demand for critical pieces of equipment such as PPE (personal protective equipment), ventilators and testing kits - along with the subsequent shortages of these devices - has seen organisations doing everything they can to keep pace with the ever-growing needs of healthcare providers. Those within the industry have had to uproot many of their usual supply chains as other sectors grind to a halt, while lockdown protocols across the globe have changed how most companies function on a day-to-day basis. But, with attempts to tackle COVID-19 requiring the combined efforts of everyone in the wider healthcare community, several non-essential areas and device markets have had to take a step back.

Moreover, we are now proudly working with the most exciting names in the Medical Devices space across Europe, the US, the Middle East and APAC, from small (start-up) organisations to the top 3 global Medical Devices companies in the world. For any prospective clients working with the team at Mantell Associates, you will get a bespoke service after truly understanding what the business requires and putting a plan of action in place with agreed timelines to ensure a great service.