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Market Access Transformation

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Market Access Transformation

Founded in 2021,Market Access Transformation (MAT) specialises in developing agile technology platforms that enable the healthcare community to exchange insights that asses the real-world potential of their pharmaceutical products. With close to 65 employees that span the US, UK and India, MAT is seen as a revolutionary company in the global pharmaceutical research space.

Their primary platform,Rapid Payer Responses™ (RPR), enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to conduct critical market access research throughout the product and treatment development process. Through their global, vetted payer network, it is possible to gather more accurate, robust feedback and insights by probing further and asking deeper questions.

Their Life Science experts help facilitate this process, monitoring the responses in real time as they come in for quality and detail. Since the launch of Rapid Payer Response™ (RPR) in July 2016, MAT have partnered with over 50 of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, expanded their payer network to more than 45 countries and have achieved an impressive 93% license renewal rate as they continue to disrupt the older and outdated models for payer research.

MAT are a diverse minded, global company with offices in the US (NJ, NY & CA), UK and India.

To find out more about MAT contact Christian Lee, Senior Account Manager (Market Access, HEOR & Commercial Strategy) at Mantell Associates, on +44 (0)20 3778 0990 or