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Our Contingent service is a ‘no win no fee’ appointment option – this tends to appeal most to new clients. In this search, the entire risk is taken by Mantell Associates. This is most appropriate where our partner either has their own candidates in process or has other agencies already engaged.

This success only model means that our entire search from start to finish is completely free of charge until the candidate physically walks through your door and starts employment with your business.

Therefore, all of the time highlighting candidates and speaking with candidates, around 100 to 200 hours, is free of charge. It also means that all of the booking interviews, managing of the process and feedback calls, closing the candidate and the offer process, and dealing with counteroffers is free of charge.

As a result, the risk of the search, plus time and resources invested is not shared, but rather incurred in full by Mantell Associates and for that reason, this service offering is more expensive than our Partnership or Executive Search options.

For more information on our Contingent service offering, please get in touch with the Mantell Associates team on +44 (0)20 3778 0990, or click below to find out about our other service offerings.

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