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A Candidate Short Market

The term "candidate short" market means that there are more available positions than potential candidates.

This may be seen as a negative thing however it can be used to your advantage. You will still have to impress your potential new employer in the interviews but you will most likely be competing against few applicants for a role and in a smaller applicant pool it is easier to stand out. 

​So, what does this mean for you as a candidate or you as an employer? Below are tips to help make the best of this busy market place!

For the Candidate:

  • If you are tempted to see what else may be in the marketplace, get in touch with a head-hunter who specializes in the types of roles that you are looking for. Head-hunters often don't have a job ad up for every role they are currently sourcing for and you don't want to miss any opportunities that might be right for you.

  • Be honest about what things are in your interview pipeline to the hiring manager or Head-hunter. They need to know how quickly to move to the next stage and may need to adjust their pace accordingly.

  • There are a lot of opportunities out there. Take the job that is the right one for you. Changing jobs is a massive commitment and you want to make sure that it's the right decision.

For the Employer:

  • Be conscious that there are lots of opportunities out there in the market for your staff and even though they may not necessarily be actively looking, they very well may have already been approached and may be considering other options.

  • It is a good time to ask yourself and other members of the management team, "How engaged are our high performers?" Check in with your team. See how they are doing. Make yourselves available. 

  • Find out from your current team what their goals are and how you can work together to achieve them. I am sure that you would rather work with them as opposed to losing them to a competitor who might be offering a more collaborative working environment.

As a Head-hunter, we also play a part in this as well. It is up to us as a service provider to ensure that you as a business are aware of your options and are aware of candidates' timelines. In the Small Molecule CDMO space we have never witnessed a larger demand for top talent in a candidate short market. 

If you are interested in hearing about some of the fantastic opportunities on the market right now, within the Small Molecule CDMO space, please reach out to us on +442038547700.