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5 Top Tips For Video Interview Preparation

It’s 2021 and as we know times are changing. With social media and technology taking over the world, organisations are now thinking of tech-savvy ways to interview candidates.

It is clear to see how video interviews are becoming more common for employers and potential employees rather than meeting face to face. This is because it is more time effective for both parties. Here are some useful tips to help you get ready for your video interview.

1 - Research – Preparation is key:

You want to show the business that you have done your research, this is your opportunity to really shine – make sure you have researched the company, it's values, competitors and what they specialise in. Showing you have put in the time and work to get to this stage will help you to stand out from others. This will give you an edge if you talk about any facts and figures you may have found.

2 - Location:

I would strongly advise you to plan where you are going to do the video interview. Chose a quiet location, where you are not to be disturbed. Ensure your surroundings are clean and tidy. The background should be simple, so the employer's focus is on you and only you.

3 - Be Technical:

Ensure that you have a trusty device that you can complete the video interview on with no issues. Make sure that the camera quality is clear, the sound quality is up to scratch, and of course the Wi-Fi signal is strong. On the day, make sure your device is fully charged and connected to the internet to avoid any technological glitches.

4 – Be Smart:

Try to find out the company culture beforehand, this will give you a good idea of what is acceptable to wear and what is not. To be on the safe side, dress as though you are meeting with the owner of the company. If you wouldn’t wear it to a real-life interview, then it’s probably not right for a video interview. Although you are in the comfort of your own surroundings you still want to make a good first impression.

According to recent research by there are 4 top things which could make or break an interviewer’s first impression, these do not differ for a video interview:

  • A candidate’s timekeeping (96% managers agree this is influential)

  • Level of a candidate's interview preparation (93% agree)

  • Ability to hold eye contact (82% agree)

  • Personal appearance (73% agree)

5 - Shine:

Be yourself. No one wants to take part in a robotic interview. Personality is the first feature that attracts anyone to you, especially an employer. You're not in the room with the interviewer, so there will be a slight lack of body language communication, so when listening, remember to be engaged and smile.

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