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Can Apple Products Be Considered a Medical Device?

Apple is one of the most popular and successful companies in the world, it is estimated at $241.5 billion U.S. dollars. Apple creates many different products with advanced technologies, Iphones, Ipads, Apple watches. Many of these products have an incredible list of health benefits. This article will share an insight into these health benefits and how Apple products can spot hidden and sudden health defaults in your life.

How Do Apple Products Help?

Apple technologies can help clinicians, nurses, doctors and the public track respiratory, nutrition, hearing, sleep and many other functions through their products. This can help with efficiency, accuracy and safety ensuring the medical data aligns to everyone's perfect health state. This is an incredible thing even on the Apple Watch, if this data doesn’t match with how it should be, it will notify the person straight away and provide them important information concerning the function needing care.

Apple Watch Heart Health Notifications:

Apple watches constantly check for unusually high or low heart rates in the background, which spot serious underlying health conditions. This happens through photoplethysmography. Our blood is red however it absorbs green light. Apple Watches use this green light paired with light‑sensitive photodiodes to track the amount of blood flowing through your wrist, allowing the watch to detect if it’s too high or low compared to a healthy rate.

In addition, it isn’t just heart rates being too high or low that create a notification. Apple Watches create a notification when they notice irregular rhythms and can suggest atrial fibrillation. This is made possible because Apple Watches use optical heart sensors to detect pulse waves at the wrist and look for variability in beat‑to‑beat intervals when the user is at rest. The benefit of this technology is the early indication of health problems and can be a step ahead for a serious evaluation. On top of that, the data collected can help clinicians and patients identify situations and solutions more clearly.

Is It Proven to Work?

The answer is yes! Apple has proven its healthcare technology works and can save lives. One example of this is Brandon Schneider, a certified running coach. Brandon had a near-fatal fall in a washroom and was taken to hospital for abdominal pain which later was misdiagnosed as a kidney stone. Brandon suddenly lost consciousness and rapidly fell to the ground, hitting his head having no memory of the incident. At the time, his Apple Watch sensed the fall due to the fall-detection feature which in case was the exact moment the incident took place. Fortunately, Brandon is alive and well as the Apple Watch automatically contacted emergency services and his father allowing him to quickly get to the hospital. Overall, Apple products can provide clear health benefits which can help people track and keep a healthy life style.

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