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Returning To The Office Post COVID-19

​On July 19th 2021, the UKs COVID restrictions were finally lifted, the hospitality industry was able to bounce back, stadiums were reopened to full capacity and many people started going back into the offices. Mantell Associates is based in Central London, so it has been great to see the city back and busy. However, it is obvious that a large number of people around London have decided to continue working from home.

The MA team has been back in the office since we have been allowed to. Seeing the atmosphere and buzz from everyone has made me realise why it is so important to work in an office environment in the head-hunting industry! There are four main reasons as to why working in an office environment is so important for head-hunters. 


In a job which is filled with so many highs and lows, remaining motivated is incredibly important in Head-Hunting. When working at home either from your bedroom or kitchen table, it can be difficult to find the motivation that you would find in an office environment. One where you are surrounded by like minded, motivated individuals. While motivating yourself is essential, there is nothing quite like the motivation you will get from your colleagues when on an office floor which is filled with atmosphere.  


There is no doubt that most office jobs can be done from home. But one of the true beauties of working in an “office job” is being surrounded by friends, colleagues and getting to know new people. Being able to get to know your teammates on a professional and personal level is a real perk of any job. When your offices are based in Central London, there is always so much going on, it is a great place to be able to do things after work with your colleagues and get to know them better.  


In Head-Hunting, the majority of what anyone learns is often not in a meeting room training session or a virtual call. It is on a desk where you hear your colleagues making calls, receiving help from colleagues in person and learning on the job in an office. Training is incredibly important for any Head-Hunter and you simply cannot receive the right level of training working remotely, it has to be done when surrounded by your team members.


There is nothing quite like the Mantell Associates office atmosphere on a busy day when everyone is in. I have recently realised how important this is for any Head-Hunter to be truly successful. A good office atmosphere can often fuel someone’s motivation and make them push harder to perform better in their job. The atmosphere of a Head-Hunting office cannot be replicated when working at home.

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