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Anıl Okay, CCO of Alvotech and CEO of Adalvo - Mantell Associates Network Podcast

Episode 21 of this series of the Mantell Associates Network welcomes Anıl Okay, CCO at Alvotech and CEO at Adalvo.

Anıl is an accomplished Pharmaceutical professional with 15+ years’ experience as a leader on a global level, with over 100 head counts spread across more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. He is a global-minded, fast-paced, commercial pharma growth leader, experienced in leading and working in diverse teams and culture, and believes that ‘richness of diversity’ is key for succeeding in international business.

In this episode, Alessandro Mantell speaks with Anıl Okay who shares his thoughts on the future of the Pharmaceutical space, discusses the importance of company culture and the key to successful leadership.

is a fully integrated specialty biopharmaceutical company focused exclusively on development and manufacturing of high-quality biosimilar medicines. Adalvo is a global pharmaceutical company with a declared purpose to make a difference for patients around the world driven by smart collaboration network and commitment to deliver highest quality differentiated products and services to partners.

The aim of the Mantell Associates Network Podcast is to connect people all around the world and empower people and businesses by sharing the stories, advice and outlook of influential leaders at market-leading companies across the industry. This podcasts provides exposure for the individuals and businesses currently doing great things, and works to unify the Pharmaceutical & Life Science industry.

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