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3D Bioprinting - The Future of the Healthcare Industry?

​Those working in the 3D Bioprinting field are making advances every day, in both the technology and in their understanding of how it can be used.

What is 3D Bioprinting?

3D bioprinting is a form of additive manufacturing that uses cells and other biocompatible materials as “inks”, also known as bio-inks, to print living structures layer-by-layer which mimic the behaviour of natural living systems.

3D bioprinting is increasingly used for pharmaceutical development and drug validation, and in the future will be used for medical applications in clinical settings – 3D printed skin grafts, bone grafts, implants, biomedical devices, and even full 3D printed organs, are all active topics of bioprinting research.

The Present and Future:

At present, the bioprinting of fully functional complex internal organs, such as hearts, kidneys, and livers, is still at least 10 years away but advancements are occurring at a very rapid rate due to recent successes in clinical research.

A network of cells, tissues, nerves, and structures in a human organ need to be correctly positioned with a highest precision for functionality. From arranging the thousands of tiny capillaries in a liver, to printing a heart that beats, it is a difficult process which will take time.

While some parts of the human body are more complex than others, each piece has its own specialised requirements and issues that need addressing. The selection of the right materials, cell types and bio-inks must be as precise as the blueprint itself.

Moreover, working through all these complexities requires the integration and input of many advanced technologies from several fields, including engineering, biomaterials science, cell biology, physics, and medicine.

Despite all these complexities, bioprinting is accelerating at a massive rate and it is very exciting times for the field. Those working in the field are making advances every day, in both the technology and in their understanding of how it can be used. While we are not close to the product, there is no doubt that the future of healthcare and medicine will be very different thanks to bioprinting.

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