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The Impact of AI on Recruitment Marketing

​The recruitment technology landscape is ever-changing. A large part of this can be put down to the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI),which is fast becoming an integral part in every organisation across the recruitment sector.

The potential impact of AI on the recruitment sector is huge, from challenging capabilities to integrating new programmes and streamlining processes. Overall, it works towards aligning human and artificial intelligence to achieve progress. 

Recruitment Tech has identified the top 5 AI technology trends in recruitment for 2020. The biggest trends that are transforming the recruitment landscape this year are:

  • Programmatic Job Advertising which uses AI to purchase, publish, and optimise job ads;

  • Interview Chatbots which work towards pre-screening candidates and scheduling interviews;

  • Talent Rediscovery Software which uses software to screen existing candidates and update information;

  • Job Aggregators which crawl career sites, social channels and job boards to advertise your job posting, and lastly;

  • Recruitment Marketing Software to help create content and build branding.

So, what does AI mean for Recruitment Marketing?

Recent years have seen a shift in recruitment strategy from advertising to marketing, which revolves around relevant, engaging content and building company branding. Today, AI tools are proving to be incredibly useful when it comes to aligning and implementing your business’ marketing strategy across various platforms.

Customer Insights: AI can provide detailed insights into candidate and client behaviours. New technologies could allow recruitment companies to analyse customer behaviour and in turn, provide personalised content, targeted adverts and a tailored online experience.

Improved Revenue: Having processes in place to generate and identify warm leads will increase the success and revenue of your recruitment company. When marketing and sales teams work collaboratively, with the help of AI programmes, leads are optimised and converted directly into deals. 

Prioritising Workload: The introduction of artificial intelligence in your recruitment marketing strategy can help to prioritise your workload, as well as the workload of your sales team. AI can improve organisation, streamline processes, flag problems with admin and deadlines, and allow marketers to plan their strategy for the coming months, allowing you to be proactive as opposed to simply reactive. 

Time: Most professionals who work in the recruitment industry would agree that time is one of the biggest obstacles – fitting everything in day-to-day requires excellent time management and organisation. As a result of this, AI programmes that can help both sales and marketing teams save time and reduce stress are extremely beneficial, allowing an organisation’s workforce to manage their workload and focus on other parts of their job that cannot be assisted by AI.

Human Element: When it comes to artificial intelligence, there is sometimes a fear that jobs will be less in demand. However, when it comes to recruitment it is the complete opposite. Technology can help so much, but remember that recruitment is a people-focused industry, and the human element of recruitment can not be replaced. When it comes to recruitment marketing – whether this is sourcing and assessment, website personalisation, targeted advertising, customer insights or chatbots – AI is simply there to assist and improve processes so that recruiters can work smarter.

Marketers are always on the lookout for new tools that can help make their business stand out, and the same rings true for recruitment marketers. In today’s saturated market, it’s vital that recruitment organisations are standing out from the crowd and trying new and innovative ways of attracting and engaging both clients and candidates.

AI tools learn from interactions and data captured, so it generally takes companies more than a year to really analyse the impact of new technologies on hiring processes and successes. Of course, the success of any new technology in an organisation relies on how effectively it is implemented and embraced.

Here at Mantell Associates we work in a fast-paced, evolving sector, and as an organisation we are constantly trying to improve our internal and external processes and communications. It is clear that introducing AI tools and programmes can improve recruitment marketing and in turn, the recruitment experience.

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