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My Journey at Mantell Associates - Oliver Masson

I joined Mantell Associates (MA) in September 2020 during an extremely difficult time in the world.

It was six months into the COVID-19 pandemic where most businesses were suffering. From a personal standpoint, it was a challenging period in my life… I had just finished university and was seeking employment in a terrible job market.

I was pursuing two options; one at a large organisation where I enjoyed success during my placement year, or a start-up firm with <10 people in the least COVID-19 affected market. After some soul-searching, I went with my gut feeling. My rationale was “why spend 4 years studying business and entrepreneurship if not to take risks?” – needless to say, choosing MA was a big risk for me, and yet, here I am 15 months later! Here are the highlights so far…

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals:

Our core values at MA (Positivity, Hard Work, Passion, Excellence & Being a Team Player) underpin our philosophy and to see each person here embody them so well has inspired me to become a better version of myself. When the full team buys into the same mission it creates a strong foundation to build from, with everybody pulling in the same direction, pushing each other and working together as a team to achieve big things. MA are huge on cultural fit, not just technical qualifications… a strategy that has paid dividends so far in hiring people who have been successful.

Achieving two promotions in ten months:

I joined as an Associate Account Manager on the 1st September 2020 which was the entry point at MA. The other option I was pursuing would’ve meant starting at a higher level, although the growth opportunity at MA and the excitement of a start-up where I had a real impact across the business, was the deciding factor for me. I knew I could progress quickly if I set my mind to it. With this attitude and the right people around me pushing me, I secured promotion to Account Manager in February 2021 and then to Senior Account Manager in June 2021. This is something I feel very proud of, along with others who have achieved the same, which should serve as a great example for what is possible here.

Moving into people management:

Management is something I hugely enjoy and always wanted to move into. I had never directly managed anybody in a work environment before MA and my taste of leadership had been through sports teams, mentorship and university projects. I would not have expected to be managing a team 9 months in, although I feel honoured to be given the responsibility. Helping to develop others and seeing them grow is highly rewarding, and I try to push the people in my team in the same way that I experienced earlier on. I now lead a team of 3 which will continue to grow in 2022 and the management side is something I am most proud of.

Building a network in a new market:

My previous market covered Finance Technology within London. Since joining MA I have switched my attention to a different market; CDMO – Large Molecule, all around the globe. During these 15 months I have developed a strong network of contacts who are both partners and friends to Mantell Associates. If you are reading this and are somebody I work with, then please know that I value our relationship and you as a person! You have been fundamental to me enjoying my time so far and continue to motivate me to work harder for our candidates and clients.

As per the above, it has been a fantastic 15 months for me, and joining MA was certainly the right decision. Whilst the journey so far has been something to be proud of, I am hoping that it is just the beginning in the grand scheme of things…

If you are looking to get into recruitment or are already working in the industry but you are looking for an environment that is all about ‘Positivity & Self Belief’, ‘Hard Work’, ‘Passion’, ‘Excellence’ and ‘Being a Team Player’ then contact us on +44 (0)20 3854 7700.