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My Journey at Mantell Associates - Leonard Joseph

​I joined Mantell Associates as an Account Manager on the 6th of January 2020.

Coming from a company of three hundred staff members, walking into an office of just three staff members was a shock to the system to say the least. However, I immediately threw myself into action by listening to how our CEO and the two other Account Managers conducted themselves on a call. Taking notes in the morning, learning the pitch and after lunch making calls and trying to adjust and conduct myself to how these successful people were presenting themselves.

It goes without saying, there was a huge amount of learning for the first two months. It  was information overload, going at a hundred miles per hour everyday and giving a hundred fifty percent. However, I was eager to learn the skills required to be a successful Head-Hunter. I immersed myself into the environment and sometimes my days started at 07:30 in the morning and finished at 22:30 at night. This period was purely learning ‘The MA Way’ which naturally meant it was a highly intense period but rewards followed shortly after.

Going into my third month with high hopes, ready to make my mark in the business and moving into a new office we were hit by COVID-19 with immediate closure of pretty much all normal life around the world. This of course was unprecedented for everyone around the globe but as a team we were extremely quick to put a plan of action in place, ensuring we had remote work capabilities, weekly catch ups using apps like ‘House Party’ and bringing as much ‘normality’ in our lives as possible by interacting with each other to maintain morale and motivation.

That was the first few months walking into Mantell Associates, fast forward to now (Summer 2021), we’ve been on one hell of a journey with of course ups and downs and bumps along the way. But we have grown strength to strength with me now being the Head of Life Sciences. We now have Senior Account Managers leading their own teams, we have a Commercial Operations and a HR team which means all in all we are currently sitting at 22 people and growing. We have just moved into our new home which is on the 29th floor of the Gherkin building.

The commitment towards such a job is extremely important because there will be many times where you feel like you can’t do this, where everything that could go wrong can and will go wrong, being motivated will be hard and you would want to give up. But perseverance in the face of adversity and a great culture of hard work and collaboration will keep you going and then one day it will all click into place and you will start your path to success (whatever that means to you) – that’s who we are and what we offer here in the business. We will continue to challenge the ‘status quo’ and grow stronger and become better.

If you are looking to get into recruitment or are already working in the industry but you are looking for an environment that is all about ‘Positivity & Self Belief’, ‘Hard Work’, ‘Passion’, ‘Excellence’ and ‘Being a Team Player’ then get in contact with us today – +442038547700 or